Monday, November 14, 2016

TNA, Donald Trump seeks support

TNA, Donald Trump seeks support

TNA says that the support of Donald Trump was elected as the new US president is expected to get a proper visan̆dūm behalf of the Tamil people.

Leader of the Opposition and its leader R.. Noted that due to the attention of Donald Trump in front of the problems facing the people of the North and East.

The objective is to do justice for the Tamil people, he says.

Future decisions on proposals submitted to the UN Human Rights Council last years under the mediation of the United States is expected to inform the Donald Trump and R. Further stated.

Sunday, November 13, 2016

Hillary lost justified


The defeat of their presidential F. B. IPod. Hillary Clinton says that the intelligence director should be held directly responsible.

She said this has been done over phone with high-ranking supporters of the Democratic Party.

In the presidential platform on several transactions in an email to the Secretary of State Hillary Clinton continues to be criticism was leveled.

Nonetheless, in the email transactions to the urgent investigation into F. B. IPod. Director of intelligence issued a public statement.

So that was escalating into a damaged public trust in them at Hillary Clinton's claim that.

She recalls that he was released a few days of the presidential election despite the charges.