Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Australia tour revenue records shattered - all the revenue and

Sri Lanka - Sri Lanka Cricket Australia tour matches this year has broken the box office.

Ticket sales have earned Rs 7,124,200 in the three Test matches and one-day cricket is reported to earn Rs 40,894,700 were passed.

When he came to visit Sri Lanka to Australia in three Tests in 2011 at 3,055,390 rupees by selling tickets to Sri Lanka in ODI cricket had got Rs 22,173,100 million.

The revenue the report below.

TEST 01 Rs 1,824,900
TEST 02 Rs 2,826,150
TEST 03 Rs 2,473,150
ODI 01 Rs 13,070,500
ODI 02 Rs 8,800,000
ODI 03 Rs 4,600,000
ODI 04 Rs 2,600,000
ODI 05 Rs 4,700,000

Sunday, September 4, 2016

If you have a little pain in my brother would four "- Flash Back Roshan's lovely wife

Roshan Fernando day soon, for 32 years she  his birthday Flash Back Roshan Fernando's wife.
The newspaper said she had the chance to meet  Gifts and Roshan.
"The early years of my brother Roshan preferences singer. I just go to when he gave me the phone number to one of the time show Habarakada Homagama. After about 6 months, a fan asked me, spoke various dialects like. Heard our mother spoke. Then Roshan my brothers came home from home. After we got married there. It's really a random thing. I think I have a brother, Roshan received my luck. "
She also said there had been lucky to find three younger children.
"If it was a baby brother Roshan in four. But I could give him only three babies. The little pain there. But one side happy. , And three children here now. "