Sunday, August 14, 2016

Captaincy sunset hero Dhananjaya 'candimālṭat' memorable lessons

24-year-old Dhananjaya de Silva today is that Australian cricket fans and the match against his century in a row.

Debarawewa middle College, Mahanama College and Richmond College, his characters have been known to everybody's innings with an unbroken partnership with Dinesh Chandimal yesterday.

The mutual understanding between the two innings was built ground are now being taught a memorable lesson in communication via social networks on the opportunity Dhananjaya de Silva, Dinesh Chandimal group clash occurred in the middle of cricket.

Pasvænidāyi date in February this year.

Premadasa Stadium in a match at Inter Zone T20 tournament team was able to take from Colombo, Galle Stadium, marking an 8 wicket win against the team.

Dinesh Chandimal Galle team leadership and team bowlers were able to restrict Colombo 143 runs them.

Dhananjaya de Silva was shown until he managed 32 deliveries and hit five fours and scored 41-minute to pass and for the second wicket off 65 balls, 94 of connection with the conduct Shehan Jayasuriya for 144 runs chasing Colombo team.

Best player of the tournament award was obtained beat Chandimal team beat Colombo Dhananjaya de Silva.
Dhananjaya de Silva, when his debut was not a victory, and the sports commentators had Dhananjaya introduced as a memorable lesson taught Chandimal.

Harin All Blacks jersey 51 million bid

Minister Fernando has won the World Cup in New Zealand rugby team (All Blacks WC team) have signed a jersey auction for 51 million.

The money to build a playground Isipatana College to start his aim is.

The auction was held at Colombo Race Course grounds, set a maximum bid for that private company.

All Blacks jersey signed by the first Sri Lankan minister is Fernando.

Some people are not going on the student asked him why and he Isipathana Harin Isipathana The assistance provided.

Responding Harin said sports stars Isipatana produced in Sri Lanka rugby stadium playground unfortunate because they lack these steps had.

Jamaica, the fastest woman in the world (video)

Elaine Thompson exemplifies Jamaica to win the women's 100 meters event in Rio Olympics.

She finished the event in 10.71 seconds was. The silver medal won by the United States Tory breeding, and Jamaica won the bronze medal Shelly Ann fēraṣar prayisṭayi.

Mofaz British women's ten thousand meters gold medal, she won three Olympic gold medals, became the first British athletes.

Olympic medals table at the front are winning 59 medals with 23 gold medals, the United States.

China 13 gold medals with 41 medals won in the second and third position, with only 28 medals, 10 gold medals were won by Great Britain.