Milton Mallawarachchi youngest son Big

There is no such thing as who will remember the name as soon as they heard that Milton Mallawarachchi.
Milton is Mallawarachchi Lanka was known gāyakayeknē. He said today we sing songs, even generations. His music is so very beautiful.
Tell her son about Milton Mallawarachchi little. Here the little son or Mr. Tharaka malvāracci have created.
Milton Mallawarachchi by singing the "May under the tree," the song in a new form, he again sing.
Gossip website that we hope Mr. malvāracci Somehow Here Milton Mallawarachchi more like a good design to May.

Here are the reasons for arrest Namal Rajapaksa

Ajith Perera, Deputy Minister Ji said that UPFA MP Namal Rajapaksa was arrested by India's Krrish deal of money because the project will be in Sri Lanka Savings activity.
He observations (13) at a media briefing.
The Deputy Minister explained that all these factors led to the arrest of Mr. Namal Rajapaksa.

Women making men rooms Video taken in a special revelation

Why this much afraid to M Video Sri Lanka? The timely need of the article published in the theme very appreciated. The article, which I wish to focus on one particular thing. The Sri Lankan pornographic video tapes related to the transfer of the Internet.
We must remember that became the blindness of love, often in the name of such screen. Often school age, or a sibling after school in plenty of display advertising across the Internet are seeing younger women. Their specialty is clear is that the girl only formed a unique vision of the two to appear. Often, too, concentration is important about the same time as the man to make sure he does not reveal to record sightings of identity. The answer to that is simple enough for the savings that allow him another victim.
The scene will be visiting you understand the issues related to the profile of the people who collect the Internet. Get scene with several young women behaving thus the only person among them to the Internet as usual is submitted. This difficult task is the identification of persons never provide true information to labs in the ramp. Often associated with pornography web sites for pornography, add over-addicted persons, and among them the most rapidly will share these visions.

British actress of name new prime minister

To be sworn in as the new Prime Minister of Britain 'Theresa' (Theresa May) and once was known as a pornographic film actress 'Theresa'  has been named the maze of the other woman.
 film actress who was known as "The Mother" of that (13) only in the new followers day eleven thousand people have joined his Twitter account.

She also stated that most of them were his acquittal appointment as Prime Minister.

I could not be with Dr. Girlfriend Facebook sad no longer keep Chaminda

But how can a brave heart to love a little time at change. As a result of the sale, some emergency decisions were given up waiting for the former is unaware of all they leave this world. Unfortunately, the kind of story we heard from Polgahawela side.

The young man loved his girlfriend Ah Chaminda. Kadawatha his girlfriend's side. She serves as a doctor.
Love for what ever they arrived, the last day in Seville hindered plans have had to talk about this. So go see Chaminda girlfriend.
It happened when one still do not know what happened, she has two side have come from Chaminda Polgahawela at about 6 in the evening. Chaminda most agreeable decision to lose they think about was ejected drug problems in life had taken Students who do not.
About love, about the girlfriend, home, parents thought were left a message to a cell phone and a friend who was about 12 at night in Chaminda friends. It would not come they never would again.
He did not knew that took his life away from the train. Before that, he had left a note on Facebook account in "My guys after today I'm not staying enēnē FB, you all a bright future 'it.'
What was done in haste, threw it in the Status of friends questioned What happened that suddenly. That Chaminda had replied that these things are not the time to answer, I will come home for funerals 'it.'

Well as this young man suddenly this baggage because of her girlfriend's problem is that friends say. The girl told her friends to say what the mandate because it had been proposed to marry someone else

Here are guys who put the video facebook banks couple Investigation begins

We revealed to you the news of the civil and human rights activists to take legal action against the web sites and social media network to the banks and an unlimited Internet video in response to the two bank officials.

It is said that the video broadcast of the MTV Web sites and social activities of many of the video has been deleted by the Sri Lanka Computer Crime Emergency Response Unit has identified a fan  released posthumously first Facebook video.

around 75,000 Like the fan if the fan is on the person making the handling of the fan when the investigations have been launched by the reported.

If Facebook Page, one through many of downloading video and therefore many have taken to share this video.

However, the moment when the video has been deleted page

Increased VAT tax from suspend, the Supreme Court ordered

May 2, from the increased VAT and NBT as the Supreme Court today ordered the suspension from.

The Supreme Court noted that the suspension of the petition until the force.

If adopted the bill in this Parliament informed the Court that the order is not valid.

The Supreme Court decision was announced, after considering the five petitions had been submitted in relation to.
Justice Sripavan, Buwaneka ALUWIHARE, please consider petitions before the Court Saliya Jayawardene.

The Supreme Court said that no consideration when imposing taxes on the country's Constitution and law.

The rule of good governance or rule whether a country should be the Court emphasized that within the four corners of the law.

The petitions were filed, including five by MP Wimal Weerawansa.

Parliament granted the license, "not sold" the only three

Minister Thalatha Athukorala said that duty-free importation of vehicles sold for the license owner of the vehicle MPs not only Atukorala family and Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe.

She said this was the query of the vehicle has brought her name to Hambantota.

The vehicle is brought to the license owner of the vehicle, she said that the MPs would not make money selling their licenses.

Speaker Karu Jayasuriya also says that he will not sell the license of ministers has not provided the vehicles license.

Do SHARE and the girl video

graphic video of a young girl and now have added the Internet.

It has become a hot talking through social networking sites and some sites are trying to obtain the video through the launch false ligel
Speaking to The lawyers said the aggrieved party complained of awarding police could act against this.

Sunday morning, the planet of war

Next Sunday (July 17) morning at 03.30, Mercury and Venus, the planet of war and senseless and it was supposed that the Mercury win.

TAURUS Lagna unusable for the time has come between Ravi and Rahu, Mercury, Venus and the third, fourth and teachers Saturn moon, Mars and 7, which also cones 10, which also is stored while Pluto and Uranus, Neptune, 10 and 12, respectively, 9-series that jyōtirvēdīn points.

They also point out that the war caused the planet budhaṭa auspicious time has come between the deṭa TAURUS third of the territory of kaṭakaya war.

Since the war between the two giants are good consequences spreads a subtle way. The effect of the short-term but TAURUS LIBRA Saturn owners and the people who are paying the dasā dasā by Venus in general, women are employed in the fields of cinema and politics will be a painful experience possible.

The most cautious should say that jyōtirvēdīn TAURUS and Libra Saturn owners.

Their full commented below.

Information about the controversial women busy. The throat infection can arise in danger of contracting the disease are angry, ruthless dermatitis and skin. Various metamorphoses occurs in the environment during the next 20 days from 17 July. Sri Lanka defeats of Aquarius 4 and 9 Venus dominant estate and plantation field of religious and international relations and short-term difficulties emerge. 4 represents the likes of anti-government forces has the potential to create conflicts between the organizations.

Computer Communications and Media Publishing industry as those inducements and high performance Gemini and Virgo, Saturn owners will receive special benefits.

Let us examine each of the planet to the bee and feel the effects of this planetary war.


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