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Teachers learned about the hostel door

Five arrested on suspicion of teachers that have tried to enter the women's hostel without permission Akuressa NILWALA National College of Education. They received the complaint shows that the police knocking on the gates of the women had drunk upper hostel.
The five teachers NILWALA Harbour at the National College of Education alumni are. They now Beliatta, Tangalle, Sellakataragama, Sevanagla and Bandarawela areas that the schools attached to the investigations revealed.

If a place can give life back to destroy the world

Now the really close to destroying the world? This kind of problem that this article did start developing world because that is preparing to leave for work and life in the world survive the world's end.

Now more than the one he had changed change from day to day because of human activity.  tsunami, flood, landslide, or that we can not tell . Followed by not global warming. All about nuclear war among all the eyes are washed away.

As a result, the rich and Home Care agencies to protect the life of world destruction to rescue such large-scale distress (safe houses) are made. But today we're talking about a place that can give life to the whole world once again after the end of the world if it happens. That GLOBAL SEED VAULT controlled by two of Norway and other SVALBARD institutions or  Global Seed Vault.

The seed vault hidden unless, western movie star  smuggling reminded of white color with a layer of snow-capped mountain from the  come out of the gray concrete box.

But of course this is where the seeds are stored Available again when the end of the world. Norway and the country located between  is then created with a number of islands in the country.

av-18-2 in in Norway  of this is the global seed bank is located. In fact, the seed bank made all the earth is to create the most appropriate place.

Because the outcome of this stable environment. All kinds of natural disasters, the area is protected by technicians highly protected from human activities is near the North Pole (1300 km away) the next generation.

It has around 2,000 super well functioning airport in the presence of another advantage. This place really is a permanent airport in the world's most northern side of the city.

It will withstand even the sea because  located 130 meters above sea level. About 130 meters into the mountain as a conduit to the surface structure of concrete box appears and then moving it to the size of a tennis court in the same compartments 3 seeds have been deposited.

It was opened on 26 February 2008, the world has deposited 864.309 in relation to different crop samples.

It contains the seed of millions around 556 and the number of variants of 4.5 million. But the store is still empty, that says that about half of the space.

-18 Degrees Celsius in all of this storage on (minus 18), a lower temperature. The seeds deposited on the chamber walls, as seen in the natural environment.

The walls are made from frozen soil in the mountain. The wall is unique because of the existence of a natural soil from the mountain in the event of artificial

The chamber temperature is unable sharp decline (such as when a natural disaster or sickness without electricity), natural environment by the seeds of -8 to -6 ° C to keep a size between.

This condition, known as Permafrost by chamber walls acting as a natural refrigerator, and a remarkable achievement that can be around 200 years preserved the seeds. The seed bank at the construction of a strong permafrost (permafrost) are affected by the condition.

The seeds have been sent from countries where gene banks around the world almost. This place has been kind of seed in Sri Lanka and this is something that we can be happy at.

So as not to send the seeds of the air layer, three are packed in plastic boxes which are sent to the aluminum had been sealed seed bank. The plastic boxes are delighted, container wood carvings, and there are also the seeds came from North Korea.

The appointment places the seed bank to deposit something similar. That is none to not get to visit this faction except the seeds buried.

Depositors can even be recovered in this case only the seeds and the seeds of the crop eradication.

Recently not. seed seeds out  had released.

The International City of Aleppo in Syria Center for Agricultural Research in the Dry Areas  institution.

Although the Syrian civil war, the seeds were sent to the Institute of Seed Bank had given the institution a center on the way back due to the need to re-generate the seeds before they formed in Lebanon.

Effective people to protect seeds as this place has made possible. So the seed bank will not be seen as permanent employees, too, to deposit the seed is opened only three times a year

Corn, wheat, potatoes, rice, tomato, lettuce, all seeds can be eaten, such as seeds and also to keep protecting their genetic composition containing a safe to keep the habit.

The end of the world even if the first crop, but changed because of this crop of modified genes in any disaster situation is to be protected by the seed of the global crop is again  regeneration.

Maritza was very thin and Malsha

Maritza was very thin and Malsha

And former minister Jeevan Kumaratunga actore veteran in our country have their daughter's life to change.

Jeevan Kumaratunga Kumaratunga, the daughter Malsha all know about the well. She contested the general elections last year Moratuwa. But Parliament did not have a chance to cross Diyawannawa she is entering.

Kumaratunga brush Malsha call for a vote before the next election a lot of fat. But suddenly she has small

Because she does not exercise reason small else. But why was thin to say if we do not.

Friday, July 8, 2016

Modi thulshi flat PostHeaderIcon Stamp

The portfolio of Minister has lost the thulshi community service as ministers of Human Resources with Indian Cabinet reshuffle.

She caste than  as known for. Low caste in India, caste is considered a person footsteps was studying her PhD on the impact of the intervention of suicide also have affected the foreign media shows.

She cabinet decision on a textile

People of this country are among her famous woman. A local TV channel that aired the Indian tele drama Thulsi is due to represent the main characters.

Been Thevarapperuma surgery.

Been Thevarapperuma surgery.

Interior, Western Development and Cultural Affairs Deputy Minister Thewarapperuma heart surgery done a private hospital in Colombo.

His Facebook page with photos that have

Galle in Ratnapura to Kurunegala 'leads' luck - Here travesty authorities bayiskop


The film leads the audience is ready for the arrival of the top in the country.
The film will be screened at the end of July and the production of Samantha mīælla Methsiri Kumarasingha directed trīṣūla Island Thambawita.
However, several areas of the island has been said that the loss of the chance to watch the film.
Galle, Ratnapura and Kurunegala audiences that have not been screened for the authorities to give Hall is now there are complaints.
Buddhika Jayaratne expressed that the actor intends to be viewed from below.
The film leads the audience is ready for the arrival of the top in the country.
The film will be screened at the end of July and the production of Samantha mīælla Methsiri Kumarasingha directed trīṣūla Island Thambawita.
However, several areas of the island has been said that the loss of the chance to watch the film.
Galle, Ratnapura and Kurunegala audiences that have not been screened for the authorities to give Hall is now there are complaints.

chandrika to Maithripala's advice

chandrika to Maithripala's advice

Former president Chandrika Kumaratunga, weekend news that the counsel said President Maithripala Sirisena international newspaper reports.
"Do not play games with you together Political leadership. But if he  government "to the facts that advice.
The advice in the Central Bank During the conversation with the new elected Governor.

Said that the dispute with the prime minister "in the conflict," a statement President

Said that the dispute with the prime minister "in the conflict," a statement President

Some media had been published in a situation that occurred in the new NSB Central Bank to appoint the President and the Prime Minister.

The cabinet meeting where the situation has occurred and has been subject to extensive discussion meeting of ruling party members.

The president of the ruling party MP group meeting cited as follows.

"I am about to make some them. misconception spread throughout the country in connection with the appointment of the Central Bank, the Prime Minister took some propaganda that has been disagreement. The campaign did not dispute any and all to væradiyi.api completely. I am the Prime Minister is aware of. Our work is based on that understanding.
We have a mandate, according to the prime minister, I will act in a mandate. We can see that while some people are trying to mislead people, saying that the problems that have arisen. It is very disappointing. We did not have a conflict between any of the situations to the Central Bank. It must be all the heart. We were alienated to some tried using the original incident. Clearly there is no successful attempts, but did. "Said President Maithripala Sirisena said.

Sanath say publicly how the team came into Rambukwella

Sanath say publicly how the team came into Rambukwella

England defeat yesterday with officials from Sri Lanka Cricket Captain Angelo Mathews after the (07th) evening a press conference was held.

The media discussion of the select committee, Sanath Jayasuriya had headed, journalists had questioned him about the defeat of Sri Lanka.

Q If the initial pool of the tournament, but after you've played players included else?

We had no permanent collection of basic pool. We need someone that I could pick it had. But as a group, discuss the choice of fast bowlers carried karalayi selection.

Q: How did you then 'A' squad, the team chose the standards?

Kithruwan disciplinary investigation regarding him as Chief Executive Officer informed us that do not choose the team. Then we have 'A' squad who can play well in the middle order Twenty20 cricket player who. Here we wanted to attack a player sent the ball spin. We discussed Kasun Rajitha. But we had to fine spin bowlers because of the fast. We hope it standards. He has earlier T20 matches.

Q criteria presented for you Ramitha, Why was valid for Dhananjaya de Silva?

Standards and can strike the ball more T20 matches Dhananjaya. We did a tour of England Dhananjaya Test and ODI taragavalaṭayi. We had wanted a chance to Dhananjaya. Maybe Angelo Games back off that when we looked Dhananjaya for use.

Q You say Ramitha only 'A' ideal person would. But the ^% skipper Ashan priyanjanṭat can send out spin?

I wanted to speed up middle player. That is why chose standards. Ramitha local rounds proved to have shown that the boundary can be fired out of the streams. And he has experience as a player that can be

Q You're still reasonable selection standards that opinion?

No athlete is difficult to measure the competition is capable of incompetence. It should be given the opportunity. We thought that we would be the best player Thirimanne. But he did not like sports we need.

Q batsman Upul Tharanga 06, continue to play?

We can continue to use  him with experience in waves. Therefore, he will continue as a batsman Games 06.

Q What happens when Milinda Siriwardane?

Milinda play the final Test not do leg. We hope Milinda role player spin-rounder finals held in Sri Lanka. We keep him for attending the Australian series.

Mahendran say to Prime Minister Ranil bond

Mahendran say to Prime Minister Ranil bond

Arjun Mahendran, the Central Bank governor, while the private sector was directed Bond Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe has said the Central Bank officials yesterday said the COPE that kayē said that on the instructions given by Mahendran.

Central Bank Deputy Governor Nandalal Weerasinghe and has told officials that have been so central when warned about the Department of Public Debt transaction banking.

Has revealed that the Monetary Board has been informed of the auction conducted without the approval of the Monetary Board.

The officials have been saying Melissa væḍiduṭat a deal with former Prime Minister said that the Governor of the private sector even informed everyone noyannæyi deal with the private sector.

However, the new Central Bank Governor Indrajit Coomaraswamy said that more details on the duties they know that there is no longer accepted.

Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Land Land is not public servants

Land Land is not public servants

Housing and Construction Minister Sajith Premadasa says he started a program of giving land to landless state employees.

The Minister pointed out that the new program started in the next two days.

Sajith Premadasa minister was speaking at a ceremony in Ambalantota.

The Minister of Public Administration joined the event Abeywardena said that the future whatsoever to increase the role of development officers across the island.

Android smartphone market is now one of the 600 (video)

Android smartphone market is now one of the 600 (video)

600 (251 Indian rupees) to sell an Android phone, you are wondering if there is doubt. The dollar value of US $ four.
This extremely low price will soon be able to buy a Android mobile phone. But the country is not in India.
Ringing Bells is produced by the Indian company, the Android mobile phone market, issued on June 30.
Freedom 251 as if it has been.
4-inch 960 × 540 touch screen
1.3GHz prosēserayak
8GB memory capacity
8 mega pixel camera at the back
The phone has a 3.2 mega pixel front camera, Android 5.1 operating system with a mobile phone.
According to Executive Director of the Mobile Phone Ringing Bells across the company caused a huge loss, but through the smartphone has a great opportunity to people unable to buy.

Knowing well that the ball stopped missing the ball to Butler forged

Knowing well that the ball stopped missing the ball to Butler forged

Tourism in Sri Lanka and England at the first and the only T20 match had yesterday.
The defeat against Sri Lanka. Fielding, batting and batting was weak because of the defeat of Sri Lanka led.
But the race judge gave a decision defeat to Sri Lanka have the biggest reason.
The England batsman Jos Buttler wicket-keeper batsman Dinesh Chandimal and Angelo Mathews ball to drop out as the judge noted, it is given a ball to.
Knowing that the gang's move to quit the ball ball Jos Buttler was denied damages vibrant cricket.
The Games took place vivēchanayaṭa critics were stopped from using the DRS technology in technology have attracted it in.
At the end of Sri Lanka's only happened to get more painful memory of defeat

The meal is Rs 3 - Here's the cheapest hotel

The meal is Rs 3 - Here's the cheapest hotel

The most popular restaurant business in India, "she restaurants' business has become.
Very small amounts of money each day tens of thousands of people to provide food restaurants has become a business in the 300 branches of which many are located in Chennai region.
Jaya Lalitha Maha æmativariyagē the restaurant business because she says that the number of votes that the Indian media.
The food prices are as follows.
Iḍli (1 million), Pongal rice (rice mixed with lentils and spices) is Rs 5
Samba rice (sticky rice mixed with lentils and spices) or lemon rice or cooked rice with curry - Rs 5
Seafarers milk and curry cooked with rice - Rs 3
3 min -rupiyal lentils with two bread.

A prison was found mother - my mother asked the daughter to tears watered down court (VIDEO)

A prison was found  mother - my mother asked the daughter to tears watered down court

09 mothers on inclusion Meegahatenna primary school children yesterday (05) was arrested and remanded somewhat.
The mothers will be offered an identification parade tomorrow.
The video girl fell weeping mothers and remanded the case

Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles factory production Kuliyapitiya Here

Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles factory production Kuliyapitiya Here

Sri Lanka's Board of Investment said that the government would soon provide land to construct the Volkswagen factory in Kuliyapitiya.
Chairman of the Board of Investment of Sri Lanka Upul Jayasuriya and Volkswagen Automobile Agency SENOK Chairman Noel Selvanayagam and will be signed MOU.
passenger cars, Sport Utility Vehicles (SUV), Multi Utility Vehicles (MUV), etc. that assembling the BOI said that.

This is reported by the company to assemble diesel vehicles of engine capacity of 1000 and 2000.

Monday, July 4, 2016

President and secret omens Central Reveals

President and secret omens Central Reveals

Dr. Indrajit Coomaraswamy as the new Governor of the Central Bank (04) took over the work.

After the ceremony, he said the office of Sri Lanka, he fearlessly and honestly stated that the setting up top spot.

Dr. Indrajit Coomaraswamy also recalled that the President and the Prime Minister on the directions received.

"I told him, I met him one time thing. He told directly to do your duty. Do not be afraid of anyone. According to the advice given to the President of my duties diligently.
I met the Prime Minister. Location of Sri Lanka to move his view, he was described as clear to me. There is a lot of work assigned to the Central Bank. If we fail, we have been entrusted with these responsibilities, we will not be able to accomplish anything other're done properly. So very well done is our responsibility to work ".

On the relationship that should exist between politics and the Central Bank was also expressed.

The Central Bank should be independent of Dr Indrajit Coomaraswamy pointed out.

"My vision of the post-independence era, often trump the economy as was used for politics. This is not to accuse me of any government or political party after independence era, it often happened. But the Central Bank as politicians, our job is to point out that politics is better to create a good first economy.

We must avoid such mistakes in the economic upāyamārgavalin artificially inflated economy. Decisions on who will be the purpose of the correct technical taps us.

It does not mean that the government should be criticized. It is not our task. But we must act independently. "

Dr. Indrajit Coomaraswamy, the Governor of the Central Bank 14. The President and the Prime Minister held a lengthy discussion after he was appointed to the post.

Sunday, July 3, 2016

Why do some men when the time of his wife

Why do some men when the time of his wife

Speech, facial skincare in poverty,  that, we will love each other and on the cleanliness of matching clothes. How desirable it or how beautiful, but some masters, his wife's boyfriends, girlfriend will do when the time. In a number of reasons.

We are among the most beautiful women suffering pride in their appearance. They thought only of foolish pride. Many men do not want women  unnecessarily.

Some women free will speak ad . Learn to act as wise as wrecks. Practice today from not present to speak and to remain calm and avoid overreacting.

Every woman expects the first comfort. So your word, mercy, mating, giving way to relief work and show kindness to his heart. Some women were so problems come, but do not boil under laughter of others. After all, a sweet smile always pretend. And your beautiful smile that will delight many of you. Some women came home as soon as the master of the house in question begin to read. More women view him very badly. And your husband out to find someone to begin to love you not.

Once married, have children, many women were not concerned about it. So do not make. Always be nice and clean. And about the love you will grow. The children, some women are receiving soon became angry. What issues come smiling. Be active.

How beautiful you are, and if educated woman, but not to receive large  her husband cooked a delicious meal, you can not win his heart. Many praised the men talking about the food given to the wife cooked crispy. but you need to be clever to please her husband in the garden under the cap  your check. If you are not being fair to him other work aside, he is unable to prepare delicious eating.

One educated, gentleman and continued significant indirect link with a beautiful woman not his wife. The casual link this person started working with his office in the when the wife may think why do so while maintaining a link Casual beautiful wife. Many people knew about their love affair, and his wife married in the mines after heavy sorrow. Although he maintained a relationship, and became the love of his wife than her. The woman was not so beautiful, why he was finding the facts 02 was revealed.

First, the woman he has been  with dignity and inferior to his wife. Second, with interest, delicious food is prepared at him. Understand that because of his necessities and desires with a sincere heart.

Love should not be the intention of being in love. And it deal. True love is not expected back the same love supreme doctrine. You can not love and be loved master. But so should the continued slowness in love. True love, is a hundred per cent.


Delivery of the Sri Lanka Freedom Party can not be reconciled


Delivery of the Sri Lanka Freedom Party can not be reconciled

UPFA General Secretary of Disaster Management Ministry said that the products can be reconciled in the division of Sri Lanka Freedom Party.

So the decision was made to implement the new party to challenge the minister in a ceremony held yesterday Maduruoya noted.

The test will be banned from December - Rajitha

The  test will be banned from December - Rajitha
Health Minister Rajitha Senaratne says that patients and government hospitals to the private sector in December to ban the mechanism for blood testing.

The Minister stated that the machines provide a blood testing laboratory services to hospitals all.

Minister of Health, Ministry of Health held a meeting Rajitha Senaratne has said that ..

The Ministry of Health said that the private sector has been banned blood testing patients admitted to the Colombo National Hospital.

However, outpatient treatment of patients who come  private sector has been able to stop the testing of blood and the health minister has said.

Geetha like to say Kumaratunga


To mark the birthday of Mrs. Geetha Parliament yesterday (02) have a small party for the night.

During the party the actress sachini ayendrā has issued a video by Live Facebook.

Meanwhile with the former Minister Kumaratunga Ms. Geetha desecration piece of cake that she said she was held by some, that would be addressed Ps Kumaratunga.

At the time, she says, they are "still a teenager going on, could not," she said at the end of the video is the Facebook Live

Matthews reveals how the weakest fell deep.

Matthews reveals how the weakest fell deep

Reuters foreign journalists have been questioned in connection with the leadership team to lose a Test and one-day series against England.

He has stated that he would never tenacious leadership. He views below

"And a good time is nighttime and bad. This time period is difficult too as a leader. But I'm not going to escape the leadership.

Do you need to deal with these problems, I have a very good supporting players.

And I'm sure we hon̆dākārayenma day if we can overcome the development deep. day.

Today will try to move some place in Sri Lanka ".

Sri Lanka and England in twenty overs cricket match being held Tuesday.

Provincial council elections will separate Mahinda-Maithree

Provincial council elections will separate Mahinda-Maithree

President Maithripala Sirisena to successfully face the upcoming local government elections, former Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe and President Mahinda Rajapaksa were also camp out of the three parties to the organizations has been started.

The United People's Freedom Alliance, Maithripala Sirisena, Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe of the United National Front, Mahinda Rajapaksa, and battled to have the election, leading to a wide number of parties peramuṇakaṭat reliable sources.
To get the list of candidates already submitted the election that the party has quietly started, and has been designed to select the best ones out of them immediately declared the election.

Sri Lanka Freedom Party and the United People's Freedom Alliance betel leaf votes apart, the United National Party led United National Front and the elephant apart, Mahinda Rajapaksa led the new lead is designed to stand apart from the election malpohoṭṭuva.

All three of the leaders of their party around the other political parties and organizations either planned program this moment was launching.

M sorry to all somehow expected a change, and the change was not comfortable country on 08 January last year when the country enjoyed the people. The outpouring of love and joy or pain conscious knowing whether or worried.

Despite any government, the people's provisions is not drinking ... suck innocent rīrī meat, reduce the tax burden imposed on the VIP stand forever væjabeyi. As long as people vote, they sneaked in Parliament a little country, human woes, until kaṭalu seem, after he infiltrated the parliament in his mind is only the canvas.

I suspect that this is happening to our people for years always reveal the eḷabena novanumānayi will look to exploit the big cross. Enjoy eating rice because our bulls remembered everything short time because.