Friday, July 1, 2016

06 pinnavalin tame elephant parade

Ministry of Sustainable Development and Wildlife to 06 were pinnavalin tame elephants for the next Festival held in the country has decided.

Energy Minister Gamini Jayawickrama said Nilames and tame elephants at their meeting recently with members of the Association were given that 05 elephants be requested.

06 trained elephants were domesticated in the request Pinnawala considering it has been decided to provide for the parade and other places at this time daḷādā procession.

Accordingly, because the elephant in the number of over 80, said the Minister Gamini Jayawickrama enough for major feasts procession.

The Minister also said that the program has been taken to make the government uncomfortable rumors spread that the procession of elephants not enough for festivals.

Legal Wildlife Department has decided to extend the license on 08 for elephants in temples and people domesticated The settlement documents with the traditional.

Request to take custody Thevarapperuma

Request to take custody Thevarapperuma

Deputy Minister Thewarapperuma teacher association will request arrest immediately.

Secretary Mahinda Jayasinghe said that the minister in front of the school as a mob, police silence followed hæsirīmēdīda said.

Mahinda Jayasinghe said that the police investigation should be carried out on how the police officers regarding the incident Meegahatenna.

Central Bank governor as a foreigner


Central Bank governor as a foreigner

The United National Party states that a foreigner or the Central office of the plays properly if there is no problem.

UNP MP Nalin Bandara Colombo today (01) at a press conference that this statement. A former Central Bank Governor Arjun Mahendran journalists who vimasīmakadīyi.

JVP says that while the country by not pushing the Governor for Monetary serious financial crisis.

The Government Information Department said discussions with the Prime Minister after receiving the recommendation of the Minister of Finance appointed the new Governor, Central Bank of Sri Lanka has done the President Maithripala Sirisena today (01) announced.

Central Bank Governor appointing recommendation of the Minister of Finance are required. The overseas funds after returning to Sri Lanka Minister Ravi Karunanayake's recommendation to the Governor of the Central tracks.

Wednesday, June 29, 2016

UK based preparation Brexit: Cameron

UK based preparation Brexit: Cameron

British Prime Minister David Cameron face parliament Monday for the first time since the momentous decision of Britain to leave the EU, tried to stifle debate about whether the vote would then be held as markets remained volatile.

Prime Minister Cameron, who campaigned in favor of a stay in the EU and announced his intention to resign, said his government would begin to take steps to leave the union. Although he said he does not believe that the vote was best for the nation, Cameron said that "there is no doubt about the outcome."

Despite the efforts of Cameron and his CFO, George Osborne, to instill calm, financial markets remained volatile. Hours after Cameron spoke, global ratings Standard & Poor UK stripped of its top triple A credit rating hand, in response to his warning that the vote last week to leave the EU puts endanger the constitutional integrity and country's economic. Fitch Ratings followed suit, cutting the country's rating by one notch, also double A.

The British leader did not report any change in comments made after the result was announced Friday but his comments appeared to be aimed at removing the uncertainty as to whether Britain will leave the EU does.

UK loses its AAA credit rating after voting Brexit

UK loses its AAA credit rating after voting Brexit

The UK was stripped of its last AAA rating as rating agency Standard & Poor's warned of economic, fiscal and constitutional risks the country is currently facing as a result of the EU referendum result.

The reduction of two degrees comes with a warning that S & P could lower its rating again. the vote as "a major event" which "leads to a stable and efficient policy framework less predictable in the UK" is described.

The agency said that the vote to stay in Scotland and Northern Ireland "creates wider for the country as a whole constitutional problems."

This reduction was quickly followed by a cut in the credit score UK rival agency Fitch.

Intensify pressure on the position of the United Kingdom on international markets, Fitch downgraded the UK to 'AA' from 'AA +'. The UK had already lost its best rating with Fitch back in 2013. The agency recently warned that Brexit could lead to a further reduction and also risked causing discord in the EU.

S & P was the last of the three major rating agencies to have a first-class rating in the solvency of the UK. Moody, who stripped the UK of its investment grade credit rating amid austerity in 2013, said last week it may further reduce its views of the United Kingdom.

The movements of the rating agencies have the potential to make it more expensive than the government borrows.

The movements are S & P and Fitch came after a steamy day in the financial markets. The pound hit a new low of 31 and 40 £ billion was wiped off the value of the largest companies in the UK on Monday, despite George Osborne's efforts to quell investors' concerns about the economic and political consequences Brexit the vote.

SL pointing to $ 3.6 billion from tourism this year

SL pointing to $ 3.6 billion from tourism this year

Sri Lanka is a turnover of over US $ 3.6 billion from tourism this year, Sri Lanka Tourism Development Authority general manager, said Malraj Kirielle.

The objective of arrivals for 2016 is 2.4 million visitors.Nearly 1.8 million tourists arrived in Sri Lanka last year contributing US $ 2.98 billion profit for government revenues in 2015 compared with US $ 2.43 billion recorded in 2014.

Malraj Kirielle
He said Sri Lanka Tourism will also target of US $ 10 million in 2020. "We have set a target of 4 million arrivals in 2020 and, especially, the industry would have more than 800,000 employees at that time."

In the first five months of this year 846,229 tourists visited the island over 714.584 visits to the same period of 2015, recording an increase of 18.4 percent. Sri Lanka's tourist arrivals rose 10.1 percent in May this year compared to the same period last year.

the arrival of Chinese tourists have seen a growing trend since the end of the 30-year conflict in the country in 2009 and in February China surpassed the highest number of tourist arrivals. This should increase. Statistics released by the Tourism Promotion Office revealed that the number of Chinese tourists increased by 17.4 percent to 32,186 in February compared to 26,083 reached in January.

Kirielle said several Indian companies more hotels speak to them to invest in the leisure sector in Sri Lanka. "We also work with investment in this regard Office," he said.

According to the Development Authority of Tourism of Sri Lanka, the strategic development plan of the Sri Lanka Tourism will achieve its basic objectives that meet the needs of all stakeholders and ensure that the economic benefits of the industry distributed to a larger section of society.

Asked about the Brexit said it was too early to comment and study the development. Visitors to Britain rose 32 percent to 44,813 in April, but should see a significant drop in the tour of Sri Lanka will be more expensive for them.

Travel industry players said they are renegotiating some contracts with tour operators in the UK.

SLIIT from higher education opportunities

SLIIT from higher education opportunities

Knowledge and innovative potential of the country's pioneer educational institution bequeathed to the world the perfect professionals SLIIT, over 7000 students registered with a group of other racers and private educational institutions in the country.

Why choose the SLIIT's?
Experienced, good students, the future of the dialogue for moving the SLIIT Dr. bench strength. Many of the staff members SLIIT research projects as well as Lotus Tower, Colombo-Katunayake Expressway and other major projects in the country for its contribution to the point. Computers, business, engineering, architecture and hosting such a wide scope through SLIIT students the opportunity to visit the premises to their future fertility and gaining a postgraduate degree. Last few years, or to degree SLIIT reputed Australia, the United Kingdom, the United States or Canada and the states of the world famous partner universities or students can transfer to complete their degrees.
In addition to academic education network, SLIIT, 99X, Virtusa, Brandix, Microsoft and IBM, such as the strong relationship with a number of leading companies in the island.

SLIIT life
Student Information Association, Association of Rotaract, SLIIT Computer Club, Festival faculty, community programs and music shows, talent show and various associations, SLIIT students the opportunity to receive participate in more than 20 social and sports. The multicultural and multinational society SLIIT premises will help to develop more positive attitudes of the students.

SLIIT most trusted name Old Boys
SLIIT has been produced more than 9,000 graduates from the world, SLIIT OBA educational support various sectors, including through the implementation of global current to empower students.

Imperial College London, a post-graduate Dilshan Silva SLIIT alumnus. He has expressed his gratitude for the strong foundation set SLIIT to help the rich and skills training to overcome their academic goals. "As far as the best learning methods and facilities, SLIIT can undoubtedly be said that there is a very high level. The quality of SLIIT to have received a job through the world renowned international software company and will receive recognition demonstrates. Dr. SLIIT board behind a tremendous source of my success thanks my gratitude. "Dilshan said.

The degree awarding institution as well as the leadership of the country, the local and foreign, SLIIT reputation has become a breeding ground proper plan for the realization of educational activities and career.

VMware support for the expansion of Sri Lanka and the digital cloud service

VMware support for the expansion of Sri Lanka and the digital cloud service

The company offers a global company, VMware and the Cloud Business saṁcalatāvaṭa, further reflecting its unique Cloud services also recently demonstrated their commitment to South East Asia, the digital evolution. Accelerating Your Digital Enterprise by IDC and VMware named Chief Information Officers' Conference was held in Bali (CIO) VMware company's future cloud services, such as cyber security and business exhibitions of their work related fields such as mobility.

"Since Sri Lanka is a country focused on the rapid socio-economic claim, the market in cloud and mobile technology can have a positive impact on. With business growth, the need simple, fast and affordable VMware continues that commitment to provide technology that can be purchased "VMware Southeast Asia" Founder, Market General Manager of Adria Hiei said.

The Zone is rapidly transforming into a market that is extremely important, because the use of phones in the South Asian region over half of the population using smart phones. Staff members, devices, applications and data in the workplace has a positive impact above the physical environment. Jobs has been unable to establish a joint environment relationship to each other due to lack of technology and the digital enterprise group. Information pool, location, device, or application of the facts, without effective management of critical information secure identity, giving businesses the opportunity to more easily obtain, device management, and VMware has introduced an integrated platform for sending applications.

VMware Horizon Mobile and VMware AirWatch solution by any such application provides easy to use on any device or operating system.

Technology has been adopted successfully VMware to bring organizations on one platform Accessories Digital Outlook, such as the Ministry of Education, Malaysia. VMware Horizon® View ™ methodology to Implement the Ministry of Education was able to share resources online for more than 300,000 students in 10,000 rural schools.

The company has been growing VMware physical infrastructure and applications to improve data security challenged Business Day revealed to the world the need to establish universal layer. This IT information security control methods to adapt to the necessary facilities allows the company to protect the most important digital assets.

"Outlook with companies and organizations have traditional security techniques to identify that failure to face the current challenges. They also have been aware of the possibility that the universality of information systems in business and avoid people lack the technical plan. Any device connected to the business, the system software can ensure safety in any location IT sector, may be secured flexibility needed to reach the digital businesses. "VMware's South Asian and Korean President Ron Gore said.

Smart Phone batteries that take one to get a quick charge Airdock

Smart Phone batteries that take one to get a quick charge Airdock

One other problem is the low battery always phone the people who use the mobile phone. This particularly affects those who use the smart phone. We always keep in touch, but it's one charger plug to a power point or a do not care.

Advanced modern technology have found a good solution to this problem. Name it Airdock. Airdock is a smart phone charge can make additional device. And stop this makes specialty is being able to use one wireless charger. It is for using technology that Microsnction.

There is the possibility to use as a prop. This is a smart phone that is placed on hold by its special sensors will have a mobile phone battery charging. The other advantage is to protect the phone.

What causes osteoporosis

What causes osteoporosis

Child and Youth during the growing season, our bones are the strongest quality is the late twentieth ages. Approached the situation as strong bone density begins to decrease gradually. We will continue to thin bones they age. This process occurs as soon as the women during the upcoming ten years after menopause substantive economies. If estrogen helps bones to keep them strong, this time to stop the production of the hormone by the ovaries.
Osteoporosis mostly men not infected because the disease is usually stronger than women and their bones because they became non
Who remains the risk?
We got older increases your risk of osteoporosis disease. Older ones engulfed in their bones break because of this. But the risk of being infected, some more space than others. Several reasons led to this change are as follows.
Estrogen deficiency
 former ones (before age 45) or ovaries removed the women
Lack of exercise
Keeps bones strong through exercise. So do not exercise or exercise hard ones suffering from the diseases of individuals, bone calcium loss due to osteoporosis more toward character a higher risk not contain calcium diet increases the risk of this.
Over smoking
The reduced levels of estrogen quickly tobacco women.
Drinking alcohol
Excessive alcohol consumption on the body reduces the capacity of bone cells.
 (cortisol) long use could be made because of the way to make osteoporosis.
Family History
Hereditary reasons that affect the growth of bone disease in some families the unique ones that have been subjected to conditions fracture fractures densest risk.  spine bone fractures due to the suppression of outbreaks due to low height men and women from being more risky.
What are the symptoms disease osteoporosis?
It is difficult to know you do not have symptoms of physical illness disease osteoporosis  external and clear because the disease without prolonged suffering. This caused a split after hip or  more are detected first. These fractures occur mostly a burden to go up, after falling as quality. The exercise of severe pain occurs, a sign that suggests the spinal fracture line and often it occurs without pain.
Can this be prevented?
To prevent this situation from occurring at different times in your life can have many steps.
Healthy food health
Adults as well as children the right amount of calcium containing foods should be. This is the best available way of milk, cheese, yogurt and canned sardine, etc. food. Than skim milk with skim milk over calcium is contained. If you are a person over the age of 60 is recommended for daily calcium amount of up to 1000 mg to 1500. Milk contains calcium with normal diet can meet the requirements by the pint. Our country has many green vegetables contain calcium. The priority will be paper.
Kids and Exercise
Sports and exercise should be engaged to strengthen the bone.
Adults and exercise
Adults jogging, have a body like hard physical work.
Smoking and drinking alcohol
Smoking should be completely avoided. Should not drink too much.
How diagnosed with osteoporosis disease?
Bone scan test Question or current density, we can in a few hospitals in the country. This indicated how  fracture risk. Here your bones until you capture X-ray should be laying down the grip of bed without removing clothes about 15 minutes. This small amount of radiant heat released from the same day, when the sun.
What are the consequences of osteoporosis disease?
May cause fracture, even minor ones, suffer from this disorder  Hip fractures mostly occur, or  nor  Since the suppression of bone together vertebra problems. The suppression of bone due to some indirect  objections. This back pain, height loss and less space between the ribs could cause some choked etc.
Osteoporosis treatments there?
The injured while engaged in work cells can be treated by drugs that block the action of breaking bones. Template increase bone mass and fractures are strong can help to reduce the risk of the densest. Recent study has shown that the treatment could be reduced to the start of the first year, severe osteoporosis, spinal fractures 60 to 70 new patients a month. If vitamin D and calcium is recommended to take sufficient.
What should you do if identified osteoporosis as a patient?
Treatment as prescribed by the doctor. Treatment should be continued to achieve success in a few years.
Concerns about food. It is important for healthy eating and calcium to maintain bone mass. You should continue to calcium, about 1500 mg.  rich farm products.
Physician as calcium supplement would do.
Take advantage of sunlight. It therefore encourage the growth of bone and therefore increase the assimilation of calcium, vitamin D is crucial. Be exposed to the sun daily. If you can not do this to your eating vitamin D enrolled as you advised. Oil fish usually contain vitamin D content. If vitamin D has advised you to take a supplement.
Be engaged in daily physical activity. Be the burden does not fall on the dark because of the unraveling of spinal fractures may occur.
Keep back straight so that bending the knees when lifting something.
Travel with heavy bags etc. go up.
Avoid  beyond emergency.
We have increased the risk of falling into the age. Place where you hit the right material to fall into.
Limit the amount of alcohol.
Since the slide to fall Carpets, etc. Be careful about .
Stop by because it increases the risk of osteoporosis densest smoke. The best way to prevent osteoporosis occurs during active life and take calcium food. Immediate treatment by a doctor qualified patients suffering from these disorders can reduce the risk of fractures densest.

Exercise less sick

Exercise less sick
Regular physical activity, body work or exercise is essential for us all to protect the body healthy.
Many are engaged in manual labor, would not be employed due to the increase of obesity that go beyond the young, even before weight (obesity) than do face various problems.
Exercise or physical activity in order to maintain muscle strength body must essentially.
Thumbs face and stomach, and even unwanted fat deposition than one factor that will bring their old age, aging appearance.
Among them should be a daily exercise. Medium-sized exercise 30 minutes should be frequently, thereby major infectious disease occurrence, paralysis, high blood pressure, diabetes and some cancers can be prevented.
Problems due to physical inactivity
Active non-survival because more weight
The high-fat foods and being sedentary life confused body metabolism works. It increases the blood sugar and cholesterol levels. Obesity is a risk factor for disease and illness, and it is.
Obesity (obesity) is associated with heart disease
Obesity a person will achieve a number of diseases associated with heart and blood vessels. It joins with high blood pressure. People with obesity increases the possibility of disease, such as the antrayē and rectum cancer.
Obesity is short your life
Over-weight people have a tendency to increase with death before. Persons heavy blood vessel diseases, diabetes, kidney problems, joint disorders, bladder tired and subjected to more diseases, such as respiratory problems, headaches, etc. They are often the microprocessor. As a result of illness and death rates among people with obesity  going high.
Obesity affect quality of life and self-esteem
The respiration rate is usually less obesity. Heavy, anxiety, sleep , upstream, high blood pressure, etc., and often suffer from social problems, depression and lack of self-esteem among microprocessor.
Daily physical exercise is an important application of  body energy balance (calories burned) in any process. When you are busy in games, when engaged in cleaning activities or the exercise of steps rising.
Engaging in physical activity to help you better run than the blood in the body, and the body Cholesterol helps bring good level.
Warning hassle to redeem the physical things you rich fat and helps you and the fact that many health problems.
Exercise (physical activity)
Daily physical activity should be at least 30 minutes a day.
You should choose the activities that can be applied regularly to suit you as pleasant.
Suitable for all ages exercise.
But the results should be appropriate for non Walking is laying off walk back and forward quite rapidly as possible hands.
Old, ordinary walking fast enough, even with the constant rise in walking is not so good.
It is not suitable for walking over a longer following the sedentary elderly people.
Fueled race (Jogging)
Most optimal level of exercise
Jump (Skipping)
Children and young people the best is good exercise.
It is suitable for all age categories. More than older ones as befits the riding against the resistance.
If that can be applied as a safe optimum exercise.
There are many benefits of exercise, because you
* Healthy heart
* Cleaning lung
* The bones
* Piping stress
Your children need to be determined to build physical activity into lifestyle good father with relatives and friends. First, a few minutes a day engaged in physical activity, or to increase gradually to 30 minutes.

Ayurveda treatments and eye diseases Women

Ayurveda treatments and eye diseases Women

Women and some other diseases  Ayurveda, Ayurveda, and it can be for some local remedies article will discuss today.
1. purple Gould
Clot condition which can be touched from tax in the womb of a woman. Abdominal pain is. Menstrual period is not available.
Disease causes
The woman gave birth to a child the wrong beverage adultery
A woman  core  after bad food adultery
A woman who caused the economic times hot, bitter, food court thousand
Ayurveda is an unique . That folk dictionary "lit up" as billed. The difficulty of the newspapers, because the margins in many cases denies Ayurveda treatments. But the disease has been of not properly  reasons.
Has a house close to the declining birth to a new woman. Therefore, care should be pretty well in her comfort food. The woman gave birth to a child past a food stylist.
Eg - Stews Broth
Due to the evolving of these drugs contain the womb to normal soon forced appointment. But now change practices.
And abortion is where most women are affected. Sri Lanka's illegal abortion and pregnancy, which suggests that the natural cause or opportunity facing core audience. Whatever the reason, Hospitality, PCs, such as cracks or the unborn baby can leave a womb-chamber or nutritional deficiencies or . This time the woman has been very weak. She should be made to restore the nourishing food. Otherwise error ventilating anger such diseases will create.
Sometimes red  vagina can party. The inflammation can also spread to top it up calmly. If ever a boil studs which will be fermented. The wounds of the appropriate surgery conducted with the patient at this time.

2. Low womb
Although in the womb, according to Ayurveda is simply the opportunity to source books of the disease, has been lower grades under various names.
the shape of an egg with the meat coming out of the vagina clot
tax meat product coming out of the clot
coming out of the womb greatly
This can be carried out according to rank, and uses Western opinion.
Disease causes
Before opening up the cervical mother  for deaf children
Occurred not long birth pains
To create a child by artificial methods such as birth
Air anger error resulting from distorted sexual imbalance way places
Something that comes out of the hands of the homeless symptom mainly through the vagina. The flower bowel discomfort, urinary characteristics such as the speed of the difficulty of upholding the lower abdominal weight.
The patient should be thoroughly checked correctly identified the opportunity disease. If the level is cured by Ayurveda remedies for the treatment should be started. If the patient should be referred to the healing surgery.
The  treatment around the abdomen by a strong bond of treatment, conducting air-conditioned treatment error. The internal and external fits internal medicine, herbal smoke application, such as a significant turnaround vaginal therapy. Successfully without surgery can be cured by Ayurveda approach to identifying the first time.
The patients should be informed about the treatment, and also enjoy. Normal childbirth, the women, children, the situation can be avoided by women, more accurate life-style resort created hundreds of Equanimity. Weight lifting, body being removed from the hard grains of purposes, fibrous foods often take care of the simple things, such as to prevent the trajectory of the disease helps to prevent constipation by a certain measure.

3. vaginal
Because of the increase in tax arising dangled vaginal  This name will be used.
Disease causes
To sleep at night
Most of malice
More exercise
Most bestiality
Nails, teeth, etc. injury
For these reasons, the ventilation assert error with pus vaginal purple stirring up the clot. Causing pain, inflammation, red, sometimes the symptoms such as itching. In this case, it is difficult even to sitting or standing. Sometimes even a fever. This PPF Abscess  and Western medicine.
The system for the effective treatment of  medicine is. That error conditioned ventilation for internal medicine and refined by various external medicinal, pharmaceutical inking, is sitting in water Pharmaceutical  such treatment will be. It is important to be able to healing the disease and sores easily and quickly.

4. Women's feces structural disease
Women in the structure of the female urinary tract than presupposed diseases. The reasons for the structural diversity can affect a woman.
Anus, vagina and urinary road together near the existence (thus, anal, vaginal fluids and urine ways, the road will be added)
Women in the shorter body through the existence (which quickly spread infections have decreased the distance between the external environment and urine)
Acting as a disinfectant because of the existence of media  vaginal fluids, etc.
Women more time urine bladder due to the existence of bears increases urine
Often the symptoms appear, such as married women to urinate immediately intrigue. Because the events Hospitality  substance is injected into various germs.
The urine puffing well as  treatment drugs, diuretics and clean feces outside the body well, refining the drug is used. It  puffing of germs from the body, which prevents re-enter the external environment is sterile. It is sitting in water for pharmaceutical, refining, such as is used in the treatment. Use dried Wash clothes, especially underwear woman, urination, vaginal maintain dry areas is important. And drink plenty of water, tonic times a day or drink,  such as cucumbers can relieve conditions caused by simple methods such as urine  to gather edible vegetables. The confirmation should be given to the treatment of the disease continues to meet the test if there UFR.