Sunday, November 27, 2016

Subject to a tennis court in Dubai


Dubai is always news Witte city. The reason is that the town has a large amount of excessive debt. Many strange places created by man because of this Dubai are provided. If not yet under construction underwater tennis playground.

The idea is still the owner of the only concept is the world-renowned architect. Polish Krzysztof Kotla, named after the age of 30, this architecture is already underwater tennis court construction for all architectural plans have been completed. 8 + 8 is located in varsōv Concepts studio owner Kotla say that this is the ideal place to build in Dubai.

He further stated that the superior technology, ecology, and the three sectors involved in the game, because this is a project with a high economic value that can be considered.

Despite news that the enthusiasm is all like to watch tennis engineers are technical difficulties and had to spend a large amount of money because of this project a reality that is quite difficult. They say the main challenge of the project, as is the production of large glass contains.

They say that the circular glass is needed and currently produces this technology for machinery and a separate glass produced is usually because about 10 meters width of 33 meters, generally. This technology entrepreneurism Challenge A large number ooo above all, the biggest problem is to face the challenges that will arise with regard to human resources. To protect people who are underwater and on land within the relationship and maintain the state of emergency in the most exceptional.

Others say that to a very large cost of such a project have to say that some are suspicious that someone's offer, which was built to reflect the light and large fish so easily mislead players go.

This project is not subject to the same construction in Dubai. Construction of a housing complex under the sea will hear that they are planning another company. Face strong opportunities for the ships anchored on seismic and tsunami such as the construction of which can make a huge effort and a huge amount of money spent will.

The amount of such a large sum of money is not so into making a meager amount incurred for the stadium with a roof that can be closed and we will see the opening of the Wimbledon tournament can be found under the tennis stadium in Dubai soon became millionaires