Monday, July 25, 2016

Mathews support Murali


Tourism Australia and Sri Lanka Test series and will start tomorrow.

Considering the history of the two countries have held 26 Test Test matches which won 17 percent of the Australian team won kaṇḍāyamayi.ehidī CHR elephants have drawn 08 matches and only one game.

Today a press conference was held to explain the readiness of the Sri Lankan team competition starts tomorrow ..

"Unfortunately, Suranga Lakmal and Dhananjaya de Silva has deteriorated disabled. They decided to go krīḍākaranavāda is tomorrow. Dhananjaya de Silva, but I think the race tomorrow I'll play good quality. But Lakmal not believe in, "Matthews said negotiations press conference today.

Muttiah Muralitharan urged support of the owners of the Matthews Australia.

"Anyone who knows him (Murali) Sri Lanka has been served. It should be appreciated. He has taken a lot of wickets in the Asian region. So I think he deserves, he took advantage of his experience in Australia. I think his future work that could be used in our team. This is professional level, can not tell anyone that we turn our judgment with Murali team that worked with another group, "say.

New players in the squad are called, players had to Mathews of preparations and provide a final opportunity in this idea,

"We did a lot of talk about what we would do. Everything we could have done as training. Now it is a sport very well. There are new squad. But do not, we are playing with the world's number one Test team. We are ready to accept the challenge.

I sure have a great game about eleven. Unfortunately, while we have the best photojournalists injured while bowling. It is not that we can not refrain from sports competition. However, we need to match the game well, "Mathews said.