Saturday, July 9, 2016

If a place can give life back to destroy the world


Now the really close to destroying the world? This kind of problem that this article did start developing world because that is preparing to leave for work and life in the world survive the world's end.

Now more than the one he had changed change from day to day because of human activity.  tsunami, flood, landslide, or that we can not tell . Followed by not global warming. All about nuclear war among all the eyes are washed away.

As a result, the rich and Home Care agencies to protect the life of world destruction to rescue such large-scale distress (safe houses) are made. But today we're talking about a place that can give life to the whole world once again after the end of the world if it happens. That GLOBAL SEED VAULT controlled by two of Norway and other SVALBARD institutions or  Global Seed Vault.

The seed vault hidden unless, western movie star  smuggling reminded of white color with a layer of snow-capped mountain from the  come out of the gray concrete box.

But of course this is where the seeds are stored Available again when the end of the world. Norway and the country located between  is then created with a number of islands in the country.

av-18-2 in in Norway  of this is the global seed bank is located. In fact, the seed bank made all the earth is to create the most appropriate place.

Because the outcome of this stable environment. All kinds of natural disasters, the area is protected by technicians highly protected from human activities is near the North Pole (1300 km away) the next generation.

It has around 2,000 super well functioning airport in the presence of another advantage. This place really is a permanent airport in the world's most northern side of the city.

It will withstand even the sea because  located 130 meters above sea level. About 130 meters into the mountain as a conduit to the surface structure of concrete box appears and then moving it to the size of a tennis court in the same compartments 3 seeds have been deposited.

It was opened on 26 February 2008, the world has deposited 864.309 in relation to different crop samples.

It contains the seed of millions around 556 and the number of variants of 4.5 million. But the store is still empty, that says that about half of the space.

-18 Degrees Celsius in all of this storage on (minus 18), a lower temperature. The seeds deposited on the chamber walls, as seen in the natural environment.

The walls are made from frozen soil in the mountain. The wall is unique because of the existence of a natural soil from the mountain in the event of artificial

The chamber temperature is unable sharp decline (such as when a natural disaster or sickness without electricity), natural environment by the seeds of -8 to -6 ° C to keep a size between.

This condition, known as Permafrost by chamber walls acting as a natural refrigerator, and a remarkable achievement that can be around 200 years preserved the seeds. The seed bank at the construction of a strong permafrost (permafrost) are affected by the condition.

The seeds have been sent from countries where gene banks around the world almost. This place has been kind of seed in Sri Lanka and this is something that we can be happy at.

So as not to send the seeds of the air layer, three are packed in plastic boxes which are sent to the aluminum had been sealed seed bank. The plastic boxes are delighted, container wood carvings, and there are also the seeds came from North Korea.

The appointment places the seed bank to deposit something similar. That is none to not get to visit this faction except the seeds buried.

Depositors can even be recovered in this case only the seeds and the seeds of the crop eradication.

Recently not. seed seeds out  had released.

The International City of Aleppo in Syria Center for Agricultural Research in the Dry Areas  institution.

Although the Syrian civil war, the seeds were sent to the Institute of Seed Bank had given the institution a center on the way back due to the need to re-generate the seeds before they formed in Lebanon.

Effective people to protect seeds as this place has made possible. So the seed bank will not be seen as permanent employees, too, to deposit the seed is opened only three times a year

Corn, wheat, potatoes, rice, tomato, lettuce, all seeds can be eaten, such as seeds and also to keep protecting their genetic composition containing a safe to keep the habit.

The end of the world even if the first crop, but changed because of this crop of modified genes in any disaster situation is to be protected by the seed of the global crop is again  regeneration.